Have you found a special somebody who you might want to start dating? Are you currently single and reading this article to save for inspiration later on? Or do you just want some fun and covid-safe date idea? Whatever it may be, you’ve come to the right place! Dating in the era of Zoom can be a challenge but here are some great ideas that will make your time memorable!


Netflix Party

Netflix Party was a cultural reset and it gives me early quarantine nostalgia (I can still remember the simpler times of making TikTok whipped coffee). If you aren’t familiar with it, Netflix Party is a way to watch movies or shows on Netflix with your friends online. Agreeing on what movie to watch would be half the fun, as would getting to know your person of interest’s taste in movies. Although this is a virtual activity, it is still a shared moment together and when you look back, you can tell your grandkids how you went on Netflix dates. 

Zoom Baking

If you and your date are into baking, this is the date for you. There are many ways to make baking on Zoom fun. One example would be to try to make something out of random ingredients in your dorm or house and try to see who can make the best dish. Or you can Facetime each other while making banana bread (again, one of my favorite quarantine memories) because people who bake together stay together! Whatever it may be, baking is a fun way to get to know somebody and a great experience to share.

Video Games

Although I am not well-versed in the world of gaming, Gen Z has been putting video games to good use during quarantine as a way to bring their friends together. Many video games offer multiplayer mode, so if both of you enjoy video games this is a way for you to be able to connect. Plus, you won’t have to worry about sharing controllers like you would if your date were in your living room. 

Watching a Virtual Concert While FaceTiming/Zooming

If you miss concerts as much as I do, you’ve probably been tempted to invest in virtual concert tickets for a solo experience. But you don’t have to watch alone! If you and your date are into the same kind of music you can watch the concert together and react to it over FaceTime (an added bonus is that you’ll actually be able to hear each other when talking). This is the closest thing that we will get to concerts for a while so why not enjoy them in an intimate setting with just you and somebody whose company you enjoy!

Virtual Fitness Classes
Reilly offers a variety of fitness classes (in-person but also online with an even bigger selection) and there are many other opportunities for virtual fitness classes elsewhere. If you and your date are into working out, you can sign up for a class together! This would mean you don’t have to do it alone, and you and your date can talk about your shared experience after. Working out often brings people together, and having somebody you like as a workout buddy can be motivating and bring you even closer.

Dates in New Orleans

Swan Boat Rides at City Park

If you’re like me and you love trendy activities, you probably know about swan boats. I recently discovered that there are indeed swan boats at City Park. If you’re looking for a cute nighttime date to remember, this is the date for you! Luckily, the boats don’t require reservations and cost $7 per adult (for 30 minutes). The swan boats light up at night with LED lights and you and your date will be able to paddle and take in the views of City Park. My personal recommendation is to go at sunset, bring dinner to the park, and then enjoy the swan boats.

Jam Nola

If you’re into art, want cute photos, and are looking for something new to do, this is the place for you! Jam Nola is $20 for full-time students and includes 12 different rooms that show the different cultural aspects of New Orleans. This is a great date to go on if you are new to the city and want to learn more. Also, this is a great place to take some ~Insta official~ pics (hint, hint).

Cafe Du Monde and the French Quarter Shops

This is probably my most touristy suggestion, but if you’re into that, this is the date for you! You can take the St. Charles streetcar to the French Quarter and both the French Market and Cafe Du Monde are only a short walk away! Before beignets, you and your date can explore the French Quarter shops, maybe buy a cute souvenir to remember the occasion, and see all the action around Jackson Square. Cafe Du Monde has plenty of outdoor seating, so you can enjoy the fresh air and sometimes live jazz music. The Mississippi River is an especially nice place to watch the sunset.

Picnic in Audubon Park

Audubon Park is arguably one of the best parts of being a Tulane student. It’s right across the street from campus and is a beautiful place to walk around. You and your date can enjoy the pretty sights of the park, then find a quiet place to sit down and enjoy a picnic. All you need are little snacks and a picnic blanket and you’re set! This is a cheap and easy date, and if you need a break from midterms or some fresh air, this is probably the best way to go.

Feature Image Credit: Carolyn Ellis