Starting off the new year right, we got you another bass driven, energetic rapper to add to your party playlist as you enter the Mardi Gras season, with rapper KILLY. The Toronto based rapper shocked the world with his hit “Kilimanjaro” last year and has been riding the wave to stardom ever since with hits “Stolen Identity” and “No Romance.” The 20 year-old has already opened for names such as Lil Pump, Trippie Red, and Jazz Cartier, and is on the list for Rolling Loud Miami and the JMBLYA tour this upcoming year.

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When I first watched Killy’s Kilimanjaro music video, I didn’t know what to think of it. A braid swinging autotuned rapper wildin’ out with a bottle of Hennessy, it all just seemed kind of, typical. That was until I found myself, in my 12 pm Calculus class the next day, humming the chorus of “Kilimanjaro.” I simply couldn’t get the tune of the song out of my head. “Kilimanjaro, Purp drink no taro” haunted me until I finally caved and watched the music video again that very night. I had to finally acknowledge that I did vibe with Lil Kilimanjaro (one of Killy’s many monikers along with “hood hokage”).  The more songs I listened to, the more I was drawn to the energetic Playboi Carti/Yung Lean feel that makes up Killy’s style.

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With millions of views pouring in the past year on Youtube, Killy is here to stay. 2018 is going to be a big year for the rapper, and I could see an album being released or a couple features with bigger names in the rap industry happening. Future XXL Freshman of the year, I would certainly bet on it.

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