We are all experiencing something so out of sorts. We are home from school but cannot leave the house, see friends, or do what we usually do while on a break from college. We are all being thrown off our daily schedules and falling out of healthy habits. The days begin to feel repetitive and it can become an easy excuse to lay in bed and eat poorly. For me, I was finally starting to get back into my healthy post-Mardi habits, and this proved to be a bigger disruption than I anticipated. Eating well and exercising consistently are not only good for the body, they’re good for the brain. In a time when we can’t control a lot around us, we can take charge of our mental health. So, I have come up with some ways to stay healthy and motivated while being stuck in the house!!

Staying Motivated:

  • Plan your day: make a schedule and try to make it as close to your usual schedule as you can.
  • Sign up for live workout classes and pretend you’re right in the studio! For me, it’s easier to sign up for a morning live stream workout class and do it right when I wake up so it gets me out of bed and ready for the day. Not to mention, this is a great way to support local New Orleans businesses!
  • Put on a cute workout set!!! LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD!
  • Find a workout buddy! Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you cant workout with someone. Do the same workouts and FaceTime before/ after class!
  • Set goals! Write them down, put them somewhere you’ll see every day, and aim to achieve them.
  • STAY POSITIVE! Use this time stuck in the house as an opportunity to learn new things, form new healthy habits, and improve old ones. Try to think of this as a refresh button.

Find healthy recipes to cook and bake:

Usually when I’m home from school I try to go out to all my favorite restaurants. Since I am not able to do that, I’ve been using this time to find new recipes to make for dinner and learn healthy recipes for dessert! It has helped me not only to eat healthy, but it is fun and fills up time in a meaningful and productive way. For inspiration, I am constantly searching for new accounts on Instagram that post healthy recipes and tips for staying motivated.

Some of my favorite Instagram accounts/ recipes:

@lashesandlemons is currently using her platform to promote staying positive. She has encouraged her followers to use this time to “glow up” and improve their lifestyle. All of her recipes are low carb and high fiber; I have made both her flax banana bread and her cookie dough pound cake, both of which are so amazing that you can’t even tell they are healthy! I have also made her bagels, which are such a great alternative to a normal bagel.

@thehealthyaddiction_ has so many amazing recipes and shares her journey to losing weight, but more importantly to gaining self love. In addition to her food, she shares unapologetic photos of herself. I made her blueberry crumb bars and peanut butter maple truffles; they are both amazing desserts or snacks, and they both finish very quickly in my house!

I also follow @tanyazuckerbrot, the creator of F-Factor, and have made a bunch of her recipes. All of her recipes are high protein, high fiber, and low carb. She promotes eating lots of fiber and fewer net carbs. As well as posting recipes using her protein powders, she also posts about other ways to get your fiber in: with lots fruits and veggies! All her recipes are super easy and SO good. I enjoy making her waffles, smoothies, and muffins for my entire family!

Obviously if I’m having a craving for a certain food I will eat it, especially when I’m stuck in my house. I find it so much harder to stay on track when I am constantly sitting in my kitchen. There are also so many alternatives to unhealthy foods that fulfill the same craving.

Some products that I find helpful as alternatives:

  • Outer aisle cauliflower thins (Amazon/ Whole Foods): I make pizza on them, use them as bread for a sandwich, and use them as a bun for a burger!
  • Lily’s Sweets: The chocolate chips and bars have no sugar added! Perfect for a sweet craving or for baking.
  • GG crackers: SOO many ways to use them! I put my eggs on them, turkey and cheese, pizza, etc. There are lots of creative recipes online as well.
  • So Delicious ice cream: They have amazing low calorie/ no sugar ice cream bars and sandwiches.
  • Smart Sweets: High fiber, plant based, and stevia sweetened gummy snacks! The fish are my personal fav.
  • PB 2 Powdered peanut butter: a low fat and low calorie peanut butter alternative. Add water to it and it tastes exactly like creamy peanut butter!
  • Fiber One 90 Calorie sandwich thins: perfect for a sandwich or as a bun for a burger.

Online Workouts:

Since I am a workout freak, one of my biggest worries about being home was not being able to workout. I have only ever successfully worked out in classes and have never had motivation to work out on my own. I decided to use this time to try out some new workout apps/ websites that I have been hearing about for so long, and tested out some new online streaming services! It’s given me the motivation to wake up every morning, put on a cute workout set, and try out new classes.

Body Shoppe: I am a major Body Shoppe groupie when I’m at school and doing their streaming classes makes things feel normal for a little bit. They offer all of their normal classes—Flex and Flow, HIIT, HIIT and Flow and Tempo—which greatly exceeded my expectations. I did not think it would be as effective without the vibe of the studio, but I turned the heat up in my basement, dimmed the lights, made the music loud, and I felt right at home! They stream 2-3 classes a day, but if you have an unlimited 2-week pass (for $60) you can stream any of them on demand.

Obe Fitness: Obe has every workout class you could ever imagine. From 10 minute to 45 minute classes, there is a something for anyone and everyone. I enjoy doing a few express 10 minute classes, or a 30 minute and a 10 minute. They have everything from dance cardio, to sculpt, to cardio boxing! I enjoy trying out the different instructors and classes to see which I like best. All of the instructors are so upbeat and the room they are dancing in is bright and fun.

The Sculpt Society: Megan Roup, the creator of TSS, is someone I have always wanted to take a class with. I began following her on Instagram when I saw many of the influencers I follow working out with her. She pretty much changed the world of working out with her dance cardio and sculpt classes. I finally decided to do a 14-day trial and try out her classes, and they definitely lived up to the hype. I finish her sculpt classes unable to walk the rest of the day and finish her dance classes sweaty AF!

Melissa Wood Health: Melissa Wood has the most amazing body workouts, but her main goal is to help people love themselves for who they are; she believes that the real transformation begins when you learn to accept yourself. Her workouts are low impact and aim to create long, lean lines throughout the body. Her videos are not only inspiring, but they are also guaranteed to show results. I started with a 7-day free trial and am still testing out new classes!

Free Workouts:

There are SO many Instagram accounts showing at home workouts on their lives and IGTV! Using these are a great way to save some cash while still staying active! Body Shoppe streams some of their classes on their Instagram live and post about it before the class takes place!

@uptownfitnessnola has been giving a “workout of the day”

@olivia.mvmt posts some quick free sculpting workouts

@doyourumble does live Instagram videos with no equipment

Solid core has workouts on their YouTube channel

Some helpful props for workouts:

  • Ankle weights: I use Bala Bangles
  • Hand weights (3,4, or 5 pounds): I use the 3 pound weights that come with the Peloton bike
  • Resistance bands: I ordered from the brand Perfect Peach on Amazon

…And most importantly: Stay home, stay healthy, and stay positive! This is a difficult time for everyone and staying active is the best way I’ve found to clear your mind.

Cover Photo: Solly Cho via Dribbble

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