Since the show’s premiere in 2008, Breaking Bad has continued its reign as one of the most popular television series to date. Breaking Bad’s cult following has not faltered throughout the years, and anyone you meet who has watched the show is likely to be a raving fan. While watching the show, you can’t help but become invested in the characters and immersed in the dynamic plot. The fan-favorite has also been nominated for and won various awards, such as the Emmy for Best Television Series: Drama in 2014.

The plot follows Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher recently diagnosed with Stage III lung cancer. Walter worries that his cancer will leave his family in financial ruin, so in the hopes of providing for his pregnant wife and son with Cerebral Palsy after he is gone, Walter begins cooking meth. With the help of one of his past students, Jesse Pinkman, Walter moves from cooking meth in a rundown RV to running a global drug empire. 

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One of the key aspects that has kept Breaking Bad socially relevant for so many years is the show’s cinematography. On top of the show’s incredible plot, you’ll fall in love with its beautiful scenery and camera shots. The show features wide-angle shots, various time lapses, and close shots to drive the story forward. The show’s camera work and various picturesque transitions set Breaking Bad apart from its counterpart crime shows. 

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Breaking Bad also is beloved due to its outstanding cast. Bryan Cranston has been nominated for many awards for his performance as Walter White, even winning Best Actor in a Series Drama at the 2014 Emmys. Many of Cranston’s supporting actors, such as Anna Gunn (Skylar White) and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman), have also been nominated for their roles in Breaking Bad. 

Breaking Bad continues to prove its acclaim, as it paved the way for many other drug-related crime shows. In recent years other series such as Ozark and Narcos have become increasingly popular, stemming from the roots of Breaking Bad. Although each of the recent drug-related shows has something new and exciting to offer, within each of them the roots of Breaking Bad are visible. Due to Breaking Bad’s groundbreaking and consuming material, it is no surprise that many other series are modeled after the fan-favorite. Overall, Breaking Bad remains one of the greatest television series of our time.

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