We’ve all heard the assumptions and stereotypes that come along with visible tattoos and piercings. “No one will want to hire you.” “How is that going to look when you’re 80?” Generation X loves to strike down self-expression and creativity, but there’s only so much they can say about a new trend: unnaturally colored hair. It can be as temporary or as permanent as you’d prefer, and might be one of the best ways to demonstrate youth and imagination.

Around summer 2012, dip-dyed hair was wildly popular—my friends and I would buy cheap dye and and sport hot pink or electric blue on the bottom few inches of our hair, and it would wash out by the time school started again. It was cute and fun when we were young; why not carry it into our adult years, too?

Ombre styles are still very popular, but even more prevalent is dyeing all of your hair a fun color, social norms be damned. I’ve seen it on a lot of college students and young adults who are no longer subject to strict high school dress codes. I spent about a week with my hair a bright magenta and, I must admit, I felt more confident and pretty than I ever had. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I still often find myself missing my purple hair. Freedom of self-expression isn’t something that we’ve always had; why not take advantage of it?

It’s not difficult to ignore the unfortunate stereotypes that some older adults may want us to pay attention to. Having purple hair didn’t make feel “unprofessional” or “disobedient.” I felt like a college student who was having fun, and I must recommend this trend to anyone else who’s looking for a change in their physical appearance. Whether it be pink, blue, or bright white-blonde, think about trying out this trend while it’s hot.

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