Voodoo is a standout of fall semester every year, bringing together fans of all genres of music and Halloween fanatics alike. As I mentally prepare for three days of spooky musical splendor, I’ve provided a few standout songs to help you prepare for the festival as well.

“Lost You”—Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead has released tons of songs since 2014, and yet, I still keep coming back to this one. Packed with an unmistakable chorus, “Lost You” bounces at any party with its mixtures of pop, R&B, and high-energy EDM. This song not only introduced me to Zeds Dead, but also to Twin Shadow, whose excellent artistry spans genres like chillwave and indie. I would definitely recommend checking him out as well.

“Innerbloom”—Rufus Du Sol

Rufus Du Sol has a pretty solid discography, and this song is decidedly my favorite of their tracks. I saw them at Snowglobe in 2016, and they seriously blew me away. This song in particular is perfect for deep reflections in the shower, waking up slowly, or accompanying you on the way to class. It starts slow and works up to a hypnotizing beat during its 9-minute run. Alternately, you can listen to the more hyphy “What So Not” remix if you prefer an upbeat dancing song.

“Able to See Me”—Hippie Sabotage

“Able to See Me” is a chill song, peppered with gorgeous vocals and a dreamy electronic hook. I can only imagine how exciting this song will sound live. Hippie Sabotage hails from my home, the Bay Area, but I’ve unfortunately missed their performances several times. They are an underrated duo, and I would recommend checking out one of their first albums like “The Sunny Album” as an introduction. However, they recently dropped a new album called “Drifter,” which might peak your interest for Voodoo prep instead. Either way, Hippie Sabotage maintains a great presence among fans of mellow, catchy EDM.


I started listening to Troyboi this year, and damn, do I regret not listening to him earlier. His 2017 album, “Left is Right,” is filled with EDM bangers for those who have a versatile music taste. Troyboi is for the not for faint-of-heart EDM fans, as much of his discography also blends house and dance genres. Another personal favorite of mine off this album, “Do You?” is only available on Soundcloud but is similarly catchy, with a Mediterranean-infused beat. He is currently on tour so if you happen to miss him at Voodoo, there’s always a chance of finding him somewhere else on the road.

“Closer (Ode 2 U)”—Ravyn Lenae

Ravyn Lenae is a talented artist, period. At only 19 years old, she sings and writes with the unmistakable voice of a seasoned pro. Lenae’s songs blend pop, R&B, and electronic into a sweet and soulful sound. “Ode 2 U” plays like an nod to 90s R&B and doo-wop without losing any contemporary infectiousness. Thankfully, she hasn’t quite broken into the mainstream yet, so you’ll have the unique opportunity to hear an upcoming artist with fresh ears. Her EP “Crush” is a brief but stunning debut to any newcomer to her music.

COVER PHOTO: Rachel Wine

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