Your alarm goes off, you roll out of bed, look in the mirror and think “I can’t go out looking like this.” We’ve all had those mornings, especially in college. While catching every minute of sleep on those early mornings is crucial, makeup isn’t usually a top priority. Here are 8 tips and tricks to make your early morning glam routine fast, easy, and natural.

1. This first one will definitely be the hardest. Instead of washing your face with warm/hot water, try switching to cold. I know that sounds horrifying on an early morning, but the cold water will help to wake you up! Not only that, the cold water can act as an astringent for your skin, making it tighter and reducing any puffiness/swelling in the face. This will make you look much more well rested.

2. Right after you finish washing your face, apply some moisturizer to the skin. Hydrated skin always looks healthier and has more of a glow than dry skin!

3. If you suffer from dry or red eyes after not getting enough sleep, try redness reducing eye drops. It’s a really fast and effective way to make your eyes look brighter and less tired.

4. Since we are trying to accomplish this look quickly, skip any foundation or BB/CC cream you would usually apply all over your face. Instead, grab a concealer that matches your natural skin tone and put it under your eyes and anywhere you feel you have any discoloration/redness. Make sure you blend this well! Apply a light layer of translucent/colored powder over your face to ensure the concealer is set in place and won’t move around.

5. To add a little color and glow, apply a little bit of bronzer on the outer edges of your face and some blush on the apples of your cheeks.

6. Using an eyebrow gel (clear or tinted—it’s up to you!) will quickly set your brow hairs in place with minimal effort.

7. It’s always a good idea to put on some Chapstick to keep your lips hydrated and protected from the cold mornings!

8. While you could totally stop there, if you have a few extra minutes and want to really complete your look, try adding a light coat of mascara! If you want to skip the eye look, a cute pair of sunglasses are always an easy way to go.

Just pick out an outfit, and you’re up and ready to go in less than 10 minutes! You’ll never have to give up beauty for sleep again.


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