Another week, another boutique! This week, we’re talking about Stonefree, located just outside the CBD on O’Keefe Avenue. It has a boho meets edgy NYC aesthetic, so anyone can find things that fit their style. The pieces they feature are straight-up cool, wearable items that your closet is just begging you to get. If you’re ever brunching at Willa Jean, be sure to pop in after your artichoke dip since it’s conveniently right next door!
Right off the bat, I was impressed by how they coordinated and mixed styles to create the perfect balance of current trends, combining flowy styles with edgy fabrics like velvet. The NYC apartment design had me feeling right at home, and once I saw brands like Free People and For Love and Lemons, I knew I was leaving with a lot more clothes and a lot less money. Here are some styles and things that stood out to me!

  1. Not-so-basic basics:

If you’re like me, your closet consists almost exclusively of plain black shirts, so finding the specific black shirt you need is an everyday struggle. Stonefree has a large selection of basic shirts with a twist, which in my opinion are worth investing in, since you will be able to wear them with almost every outfit!

crescent - 41_preview

crescent - 38_preview

  1. Long dresses and jumpsuits:

The best way to look put together with the least amount of effort is dresses and jumpsuits—they take zero coordination and all you have to do is slip on one piece of clothing. Stonefree has an insane amount of super cute floor-length dresses and chic rompers that you won’t regret buying.

crescent - 37_preview

  1. Candles:

The last thing you’re probably looking for when going into a clothing store is candles, but I bought one of their candles and it is the BEST smelling candle I’ve ever owned (it’s lit as I’m writing this now and it’s giving me major ~vibes~). If you live in a dorm where candles are prohibited, these candles are worth risking being written up over, trust me. Plus, the sales associate told me they just ordered 800 pounds of candles, so there will be plenty to choose from!

  1. Krewe sunglasses:

This New Orleans inspired sunglasses brand has fun, different frames which are perfect for spicing up an outfit. They featured a lot of different styles from the brand, so you can find frames to match any amazing outfit you buy here.

crescent - 44_preview

crescent - 43_preview

Be sure to stop by and see for yourself what Stonefree has…your closet will thank you!

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