Whether decorating your dorm was your dream or your biggest nightmare, design can have a great effect on your life and how you see the world. Although some may think that design is intended only for people who religiously use Pinterest, Tulane’s brand new Bachelor of Arts in Design is paving the way for well-rounded students to explore this area of academics. I talked with Marianne Desmarais, Program Director, and Emily Parsons, Director of Student Affairs, to answer prospective students’ burning questions.

How can declaring the major work with sophomores who are interested?

The major in Design will be declarable beginning Fall of 2020. Unfortunately, sophomores will not be able to declare until then.  Students are, however, encouraged to take the DESG offerings in the Spring to get started on the major requirements.

Can you minor in design without being in the architecture school?

Yes!  The minor in design is open to students from all schools.  You can declare this minor now by filling out a Major/Minor declaration form and having it signed by Emily Parsons in the School of Architecture.

How many years will it take to complete this major?

The major requires 33 hours to complete — 36 with a concentration.  Students could theoretically complete all major requirements in two years.  The first year would be devoted to the introductory courses and the second year would contain the core and electives.

What are some focus areas in the major?

Currently, three concentration areas have been developed.  Students who choose a concentration will focus on either Design + Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (SISE), Design + Preservation, or Design + Sustainable Real Estate.  Stay tuned for future areas of foci as we continue to develop depth and alignment with specific design disciplines.

What possible careers can come out of a design major?

The creative tools and critical thinking that our students acquire will prepare them to be solutions-oriented in a changing world.  Careers across disciplines require flexible thinkers with an ability to respond to social, environmental, and technological challenges with expertise, empathy, and innovation.  Design graduates will understand the creative processes that manage complexity, make connections, and catalyze change.  Designers are fundamental across industries to create physical objects, time-based systems, and graphic and digital environments.  Our graduates will deliver clear visual communication and concept based strategies across media. 

Is it possible to double major with design?

Absolutely! We highly encourage students to pursue multiple areas of study in conjunction with the design major.  Design is fundamental and applicable across disciplines. Using the knowledge you gain through this coursework you will begin to see issues in other areas that can be addressed with a design methodology.

By now most of you are probably thinking, when can I sign up?! Get ready to explore through your education, and go talk to your academic advisor — this major is officially open for business.

Cover Photo: Tulane School of Architecture

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