Though the term has not yet been added to the dictionary, maximalism is an art style taking over the internet’s artistic spheres. Wikipedia defines maximalism as “a reaction against minimalism; an aesthetic of excess,” and the style of New Orleans is nothing if not excessive. If you love bold patterns, loud colors, and quirky styles, maximalism is for you! Let’s take a stroll around the Big Easy and look at some of the most unique places around.


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John Fluevog Shoes – Chartres Street

Our first stop is John Fluevog Shoes in the French Quarter. At this eclectically decorated store, you can find designer shoes to fulfill every maximalist desire in your heart. As you walk through the door, your eyes are greeted by a collection of shoes that look straight out of wonderland. John Fluevog’s shoes are often described as funky, quirky, off-center, and bold, so this store is the perfect first stop on our maximalist tour. Fluevog has been designing shoes since 1970, and his designs have appeared on multiple magazines’ covers and on runways. Each pair feels like it has its own personality, and no two pairs are alike. If you want to incorporate maximalism into your footwear, take a stroll over to Chartres Street and find the perfect pair for you.


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Funky Monkey – Magazine Street

Looking for a party outfit? Want to shop locally instead of scouring SHEIN? Check out Funky Monkey! This little boutique on Magazine Street has everything a maximalist needs to create the loudest, busiest, most eye-catching outfit imaginable. The store itself is a maximalist haven- there are bright wigs lining the peach-painted walls and glittery accents throughout the store. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of wigs, platform shoes, Elton-John-esque sunglasses, and bedazzled tops. Funky Monkey also specializes in upcycled vintage clothing, so you can be sustainable and fashionable at the same time.What could be better?


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The Quarter Stitch – Chartres Street

At our next stop, we will be looking at the perfect spot for any maximalism lovers who also love to knit, crochet, cross-stitch, or needlepoint. As soon as you walk into The Quarter Stitch, you are met with an explosion of brightly colored yarn bundles stacked in piles throughout the room, as well as floor-to-ceiling cross stitch patterns hung on all the walls. But the beauty doesn’t stop at the first glance- all of The Quarter Stitch’s threads are rich in color and high in quality, and their cross-stitch patterns are adorable and reasonably priced. I highly recommend this store to craft aficionados, anyone looking to dabble in threadwork, or anyone who just wants to see a beautiful shop display.


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Frenchmen Art Bazaar

The Frenchmen Art Market is a place to explore unique local art and enjoy a bustling and vibrant ambience- perfect for any maximalism lover. Enjoy the cool night breeze as you shop underneath the Louisiana stars. The Market, which is only open at nighttime, hosts a collection of local artists whose goods vary from jewelry to pottery to artisan soaps. Come feel the effervescent energy of Frenchmen Street and maybe even find some décor for your own maximalist living space!


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Meyer the Hatter

This store is hat-solutely incredible! Meyer the Hatter has been adorning the heads of New Orleans for over 100 years, and as soon as you walk into the store, you can feel the history. The entire store is filled floor-to-ceiling with hats of every shape, color, and size. The colorful clutter will fill any maximalist with joy. The attendants are incredibly helpful and patient while measuring each customer’s head to make the hats custom. Even if you’re not a hat person, stop by Meyer the Hatter to see a little bit of NOLA history and the awe-inspiring collection of hats.


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Jack Rose- St. Charles

Last but certainly not least on our maximalist tour of New Orleans is the restaurant that personifies maximalism itself: Jack Rose. This restaurant has multiple dining rooms, each decorated with its own unique mix of framed art, chandeliers, plush seating, and unique wallpaper. Rest assured, you will never run out of décor to look at. The cuisine of Jack Rose is described by Conde Nast as “Cajun-tinged contemporary American with cheeky jaunts into Italian classics.” If you’re looking for inspiration for your own maximalist style, Jack Rose is the perfect dinner spot for you.

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Hey y'all, I'm Sophia! I'm from Baton Rouge and I study cell and molecular biology. In my free time, I love photography, sewing, writing, and reading <3

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Hey y'all, I'm Sophia! I'm from Baton Rouge and I study cell and molecular biology. In my free time, I love photography, sewing, writing, and reading <3