Imagine— you’re sitting with your family on a flight back from Jamaica. The plane seems to hit a bad bit of turbulence, but it passes and everything goes back to normal. The flight lands and you check your phone, but it seems like you don’t have any service. You step off the plane, and there are federal agents everywhere. They tell you that your plane has been missing for five years and that everyone on the plane has been presumed dead. This crazy and bizarre reality is displayed in the show Manifest. Michaela Stone, her brother Ben Stone, and Ben’s son Cal Stone all get off the plane and learn that five years of their life have gone by while time has stood still for them.

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This whirlwind of a show explores the extreme challenges that these characters are faced with as they return to their lives. Michaela must deal with the bleak reality that while she was gone for five years, the love of her life has married her best friend. As for Ben, he quickly learns that his wife, Grace, has also been dating another man and was starting to move on without him. And Cal Stone no longer has a twin sister, since his twin Olive Stone is now five years older than him. These characters work to emerge back into real life while other obstacles head their way.

Losing five years was not the only change that came from flight 828. Following the plane landing, most of the passengers aboard the flight– including Ben, Michaela, and Cal– begin hearing things that lead them to uncover different mysteries. These callings come in different forms, from hearing their own voices to explicit visions. In the first episode, Michaela hears her own voice in a calling that leads her to discover two girls locked away in a shed. The calling helped to save the girls’ lives.

But where are these callings coming from, and do the passengers need to follow them? What happens if someone does not figure out a calling? Are all of the passengers hearing callings? Ben and Michaela work throughout the show to answer these very questions.


The main question, though, is what happened to flight 828? How did a plane that took off on April 7, 2013 land on November 4, 2018? These questions will be answered thanks to Netflix, who picked up the show for a fourth and final extended season after it was canceled by NBC. Since Manifest has begun streaming on Netflix, it has been one of the most viewed shows on the platform. The surge in popularity and the trending hashtag #savemanifest are to thank for the show’s long-awaited return.

Manifest is a must-watch! Don’t wait! Get on Netflix now and start binging because this show is addicting!

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