As my calendar finally hit October, I knew I could no longer hold back on the newest fall trends that I have been recently eying on my favorite Instagram accounts and blogs. It’s easy to become discouraged from all of the new chunky sweaters and booties sitting in this Louisiana heat, but these five tips will help you stay stylish this season even under the strong New Orleans Sun!

Tip #1: Layers, layers, layers!

As we all know, the New Orleans heat is often too strong for the fun jackets we’ve been seeing everywhere this season, but we shouldn’t discount the freezing classrooms and buildings as a valid climate to sport our new fall pieces. Whether you’re just throwing a denim jacket over your shoulders or bundling up in a cold restaurant, there are seriously plenty of opportunities to rock this fall’s trendiest outerwear!


Tip #2: Explore Bold Patterns like Leopard Print

We’ve been seeing leopard print and other funky patterns EVERYWHERE this season, and just because Instagram “it girls” are rocking it in the form of jackets, sweaters, and pants, doesn’t mean we can’t find a weather-friendly way to rock them as well. Whether it be pairing these more obvious fall items with summery jean shorts or tees, or finding leopard printed pieces that show a little more skin, there are tons of innovative ways to sport this, and other fall patterns.


Tip #3: Play with Textures

Adding textures to your otherwise basic outfits is truly a great way to get into the fall spirit while still staying cool! Fabrics such as corduroy, velvet, and metallics are all the rage this fall and can easily be found all across your favorite stores this season. Feel free to mix and match these textures too for a funky fall look!


Tip #4: Don’t be Afraid to Break the Rules!

Two of my favorite trends this season are the winter whites and florals we’ve been seeing all over the runway. While these textiles may typically be associated with spring and summer, rocking winter whites in lighter fabrics and finding florals with darker tones is the perfect way to transition from summer to fall. Don’t let anyone tell you that head-to-toe white and florals aren’t perfect for year-round, because these are two of my favorite fall trends.


Tip #5: Accessorize!

While fall fashion may immediately make you think of warm outerwear and knits, accessories are equally as important to completing your fall wardrobe. Accessorizing is also a great way to incorporate all the trends we’ve been seeing this fall: animal print, western edge, mismatched earrings and so many more! Just adding these small details will instantly elevate your outfit, helping you achieve the perfect fall style.


This time of year, our wardrobe is practically begging for an update, and there’s no reason we can’t get a head start on this season’s latest trends even while the sun is still shining. There are so many new and fresh trends circulating right now, so have fun exploring your style this fall! With these tips, you’ll be sure to enter the fall season in style, without letting a little New Orleans heat stop you!

COVER PHOTO: Seventeen

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