On Saturday, September 7, some of my close friends redirected my night completely, and I am so glad that they did. Instead of getting some early studying done, I began picking out an outfit to wear to the First Saturday Gallery Openings on Julia Street in the Warehouse District. Julia Street’s nickname is “Gallery Row”, and for a good reason. 

Emily Ryan

On the first Saturday of each month, there are countless art gallery openings on Julia Street. Walking out of one gallery, it takes no more than thirty seconds to be so enthralled by what you see in the window of another gallery that you venture on. Each gallery is bustling with people, some offer a small but satisfying wine selection, and of course, they all offer beautiful and captivating pieces of art.

While all of the galleries were intriguing, they were also so different. As I walked in and out of each, I moved through different emotions; I was serious, inquisitive, impressed, and surprised. And on the sidewalk in between each gallery, with the other patrons passing by, I became a clean slate again: ready to be engrossed in the spirit of the next gallery, and remembering fondly the spirit of the last. 

My two favorite galleries from the night were Callan Contemporary, with artist Key-Sook Geum, and the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, which displayed amazing contemporary art. In Callan Contemporary, Key-Sook Geum displayed incredible dresses and a pair of shoes made from tiny wire, small beads, and other materials. The dresses hung from the ceiling and the lighting created shadows that looked similar to what sketches of the dresses might look like.

At the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, the pieces were more varied than Callan Contemporary. One of the most popular works here was an interactive station with a photo of a white Furby framed by countless pink, blue, white, brown, purple, yellow, and tan stuffed animals against a white wall. There was an iPad and headphones attached to a stand in front of the piece. When you put on the headphones, and held the iPad up to the wall to frame Furby, he began singing a song, and blinking and moving while the actual Furby against the wall remained still. 

Emily Ryan

This month’s First Saturday Gallery Opening was October 5, but there are many more First Saturdays to come no matter what year you are in at Tulane. Luckily, these galleries are open and easy to visit on other nights as well. I recommend this event to anyone who has an interest in art, getting off campus, or showing their parents to an impressive excursion. 

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