Since most of us are leaving the house much less than usual, jeans are out of the question. Instead of walking around in old t-shirts and pajama pants, loungewear is the next step up. Just as comfy but makes you feel 10x more put together. I am sure most of us are sick of wearing the same tie dye sets from quarantine, so here are some of the best places to find the trendiest and cutest sweats. 

Madhappy is all everyone is talking about right now so if you’re looking for the trendiest outfits this is your best option. Not only are you buying some of the cutest sweatshirts, you are also supporting an amazing cause. Madhappy focuses on raising awareness on mental health and inclusion for everyone. 



If you are more into neutrals, Talentless is the best option for you. Created by Scott Disick so if you’re a huge KUWTK fan then I am sure you have seen this before but regardless it has some of the best basics.

Pangaia is another cute place to find simple but cute sets. Pangaia also focuses on creating pieces that are environmentally friendly and has also been seen on Bella Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian, and many other celebrities. 

There are so many other brands with the coolest outfits so here a bunch of other amazing brands: 

Feature Image Credit: Madhappy

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