In a society that profits off of self-doubt, displaying confidence is a rebellious act. However, your body and mind deserve that feeling of being confident. You can achieve this through self-care in the form of thoughts. While one glove doesn’t fit all, there is some common ground for ways to boost yourself up. Any step is a good step, but here are a couple laid out for you. Give them a shot, you might learn something new about yourself.

1. Your body is your home. You have to treat it with respect and demand respect from all its guests.

2. Pay close attention to the things that make you feel alive. Who were you with? What song was playing? What were you wearing? Take note, and put it on repeat.

3. Be present. Be mindful of your technology use and how much time you spend looking at your phone versus at your surroundings. There is so much beauty around you, but only if you choose to notice it.

4. Confidence does not equate to narcissism. Internalize this. There is a beauty that lies within feeling comfortable in your own skin that can be shared with others.

5. Every time you look in the mirror, try to compliment yourself. Saying the words out loud makes even more of a difference. There are so many distinct opportunities to speak your appreciation into existence. Every freckle matters.

6. Actively work on being gentle enough on yourself to feel free.

7. Comparison is toxic. Grow at your own pace. We all present the best versions of ourselves to the world, so take it easy.

8. Indulge. Treat yourself. Eat dessert first if you want.

9. If you’re feeling lonely, then you are in desperate need of yourself. Strive to genuinely enjoy your own company.

10. The world is so much bigger than inside your head.

We are so small. Take a step back and breathe. All of these tips lead to a healthier life and can tremendously impact your happiness. This in turn influences your confidence, and damn, does it looks good on you.

COVER PHOTO: Psychology Today

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