Finals is over and its time to enjoy Christmas in NOLA! Spend some time in the trees of City Park at Celebration in the Oaks. This New Orleans staple is the perfect way to get yourself into the holiday spirit, and at $9 a ticket, you won’t break the bank, either. I made the trek across town for a close friend’s birthday, and I think I may have found my newest Christmastime tradition. With around twenty-five acres of the park coated in breathtaking lights, it’s the perfect place to get lost for a few hours. Each night offers different entertainment, and there are carnival rides throughout the park open every night. You also have the chance to see the New Orleans Christmas icon, Mr. Bingle. We’ll just ignore how creepy this icon is if you’re from nowhere near New Orleans.

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If you have younger siblings around, this can also make a great family experience. There are several playground set-ups, ranging from Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage to a space shuttle surrounded by lit up spacemen. If you don’t have younger siblings, that’s fine too. The park is a great place to let your inner child run loose, especially after (or during!) a long week full of stressful finals. Also, the lights make for countless photo ops!

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Finals are an incredibly difficult time of year, but they’re sadly a part of the college experience. Don’t let them suck all the fun out of your New Orleans holiday season! Check out this crescent city classic and let us know what you thought!


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