Around this time of the semester, I find myself getting tired of studying in the library. My dates with Howie T. are just not exciting anymore! If you’re like me, you’re probably looking for alternative places to get work done. Here’s a list of study spots to spice up your study time!

Caroline Richardson

The reading rooms in Tilton and Dinwiddie are nice spots, but as far as academic buildings go, Caroline Richardson takes the cake. This building near the Health Center is a hidden gem. Many people don’t think about stopping into Caroline Richardson, but you can find some of the most comfortable couches. It’s typically quiet, too, so it’s an easy place to focus in comfort!

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James Lounge – LBC

There are multiple options for all of the different kinds of studiers in the LBC, but I find that the James Lounge is definitely the best spot to do your work. There are isolated desks, long tables that overlook McAlister, and couches and chairs to spread out on. Plus, the interior design of the room with its aerial view of campus makes for super positive and comfortable vibes. This quiet study room is the perfect spot to crank out that essay!

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Newcomb College Institute House

Situated right next to the library on Freret, this building is another treasure that is often forgotten about. There’s free food and free coffee, so studying in the dining room makes it feel like you’re studying back at home. It’s usually pretty quiet, too, but you can still make new friends with the amazing Newcomb employees, like Lauren Wethers!

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You may want to take advantage of the current weather, and there are so many opportunities on our campus to do so! The courtyard by Warren is shaded and intimate, with minimal traffic and stone tables to spread out on. There’s another quieter courtyard next to Jones with quality architecture and design, as well as swinging benches and an aesthetic waterfall. If you prefer to sit on the grass, you can sprawl out on the quad near SoHo or the LBC.

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PJ’s on Willow

Grab a booth (if you can!) and a Peach Palmer for the ultimate place to study. PJ’s has the perfect ambience for a chill history session, a coffee date, or an interview. If Howie T. is just too quiet for you, stop by for a place with the perfect balance of a studious and social atmosphere. Plus, there are plenty of computers for you to use to do work or print out your homework without making the trek to the library!

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If you’re tired of all of these spots on campus, take a trip to Loyola! There are multiple spots for you to choose from: right outside of the OR (read: Luff), the Library, and outside on the quads. Be wary, though, you may need to make a friend to gain access to the wifi!B


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BONUS SPOT: 2nd Floor of Hillel

If you keep walking down Freret and head onto Broadway, you’ll come across Hillel. Not only is it an amazing lunch spot, but upstairs you can find tables and couches that make it a great study space, too. Plus free printing! Psst…see if you can even snag an open classroom!

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