This was a great year for scary movies. And so, as WatchMojo would say: we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 horror films of 2022!

9. Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies is both a silly slasher and a cutting commentary on privilege. While it wasn’t the most unique concept, the dialogue and characters made it an interesting watch. This is a great one for those who aren’t into extreme scares, and was super fun to watch with friends!

8. Men

If anyone asks, you didn’t get this recommendation from me. It’s a weird one I won’t lie, but it was incredibly effective. If the title alone isn’t enough to spook you, its disturbing gore effects and the face of Rory Kinnier CGIed onto every man in the movie will be. Coming straight from I’m Thinking of Ending Things, Jesse Buckley gives an incredible performance. This one really gets you thinking about the men in your life, the systems of power, and male entitlement.

7. Don’t Worry Darling

After all the press drama surrounding the filming of Don’t Worry Darling combined with Harry Styles being the lead, I had low expectations for this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. I would describe the vibe as Stepford Wives meets Black Mirror. The tense atmosphere and Ms. Flo’s incredible performance made this worth the watch.

6. Scream

As an OG Scream fan myself, this one (shockingly) did not disappoint. Bringing in the fresh faces of horror (like my new favorite scream queen Jenny Ortega) along with all our old favorites, this sequel does a great job of capturing the campy fun of its predecessor. 

5. X

X was a breath of fresh air amidst the dark horror this year. Set in the 80s, it centers a rag-tag group of A-list actors (Mia Goth, Jenny Ortega, Brittney Snow, and even Kid Cudi) who rent a creepy cottage to film a porno. This simple premise brings a lot of campy slasher fun, combining over the top visuals with iconic characters.

4. Pearl

Despite being the prequel to X, many preferred the second addition to this series. Mia Goth gives an iconically weird performance as Pearl and the atmosphere is *chefs kiss*. I look forward to completing the trilogy when Maxxxine comes out in 2023!

3. Fresh

Two of my favorite actors Daisy Edgar Jones and Sebastian Stan really showed their chops in this one. Fresh relies on its unique tone and suspenseful scenes to really get under your skin, but never fails to break the tension with its dry humor. Word of advice: Don’t watch this while eating.

2. Black Phone

The scares in The Black Phone come not only from its terrifying villain and paranormal elements, but from the horrible reality of its subject matter. While not based on a true story, the film takes inspiration from the many serial killers of the era. Not only is The Black Phone creepy, but deeply heart-wrenching as the stories of each child unfold.

1. Nope

Coming in hot at number 1, I can confidently say that I have thought about Nope every day since I saw it in July. If you can go in blind I would highly recommend it, I could never have guessed what goes down in this movie. This film does a great job of not relying on gore or jump scares, leaning instead on its unsettling atmosphere and creative elements. Despite how much it leaves to the imagination, many scenes from Nope have been seared into my mind. From the acting, to the cinematography, to the storytelling, this movie has it all. 

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