Congratulations! If you’re reading this, chances are you survived the sorority recruitment process, but now comes the challenging part. The upcoming date parties. Ding. A message from GroupMe- “Date Party Announcement. ” You hit the form, and BOOM- nerves take over, and your palms begin to sweat. There is your name, but alas the guest box is empty. Don’t sweat- this guide will help you come up with the best solution.

First, before the panic mode starts to take over, BREATHE. Most of the girls within your PC, let alone the sorority, are having the same issue. Bringing a date is not a big ordeal; at least it does not have to be. There are several options starting with BYOB.


This is what I like to call “Bring Your Own Bestie.” So many people struggle to find the perfect person to accompany them to their date party. Little do they realize, your best friend can also double as your plus one. Imagine how fun it is to dance around all night long in your best outfit alongside your bestie. Amazing right!? Well, you could easily do that. Not everyone decides to bring a chosen crush or significant other. Surprising? Not really.

Now for those who are more bold and daring, here it goes! The best possible plan always starts with a list.

Step 1: Create a list

Whether it is a mental or physically handwritten list, start keeping track of names. This could include first-semester flings, mutual friends, or past hookups. As you think about these people, ask yourself these questions: Could they be fun at this date party? Can they carry a conversation all night? Will I regret this decision? If you answered no to any of these, then cross them off. Once you have gone through the process of elimination and have made it to the final few left standing, it’s time for the second step.

Step 2: The Approach

You have made it through the first part of the process and are now on the fun one- finding the best and least awkward way to ask them. If you sit next to them in class or see them often, I say go for it. Be free and carefree, don’t let your nerves hold you back. You can easily approach them, start or continue a simple conversation, and then let it slip- “Oh my god! I totally forgot I have this date party. Would you want to go”? This is just one example, and you can easily choose something more subtle. The other go-to is a simple text or snap. I personally have done this, and it is way less intense. All you really have to do is be upfront and direct. This approach avoids any direct contact and any chance of jeopardizing your chance. But either way, it is up to you. No matter what, this step is quite intimidating, and to face your nerves and go for it- well, that is the most courageous part.

Cover photo: Jamie Plissner (The Crescent Graphic Design Team)

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