Rainbow Kitten Surprise, lovingly known as RKS, visited New Orleans for the second time last month on February 20th. Despite having just been here for Voodoo, the venue was packed with expectant fans. This one of a kind band is made up of five best friends—Sam Melo, Darrick “Bozzy” Keller, Ethan Goodpaster, Charlie Holt, and Jess Haney—who met each other freshman year of college at App State. They’re a tight-knit group with loads of personality, and they never fail to put on an enthralling show. This was no exception.

They kicked off the show with “Matchbox,” an equally clever and catchy song off their newest album. It took virtually no time at all to pinpoint one of the reasons that RKS has such a presence when they play. When Melo began singing the first verse, the majority of the crowd started singing right along with him. Honestly, they knew the songs just as well as the band did! The contagious energy from such a dedicated fan base added a new dimension to the concert experience.


Needless to say, we weren’t even one song in, and I was already blown away. A few songs later they got personal by playing “Hide,” and the relationship between the crowd and the band was even more pronounced. You could feel the emotional energy coming from the band as they played one of their most beloved songs. We were even lucky enough to hear “No Vacancy,” a song that hasn’t been released yet but captivated the audience all the same.

The show ended with the crowd begging for more. Even after the encore, it was hard to pull myself away. RKS’s shows are honest, dynamic, and often down-right flamboyant. It’s truly a band worth seeing even if you don’t know the music because experiencing the excitement of such devoted fans and the performance of such an eccentric group is truly unforgettable.

COVER PHOTO: Daily Tarheel

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