Admittedly, I am a Broadway nerd, and have been from a pretty young age. Broadway was always a special treat growing up and something my dad and I could bond over. My love for Broadway musicals was brought to the forefront of my mind recently, when my dad came into town and gifted me tickets to Hamilton at the historic Saenger Theater. I figured there was no way possible the show could live up to the hype, since there is so much hype.

To my pleasant surprise, it truly did. I was amazed by the performers, the music, and the staging of the production. There is truly something to be said about the ingenuity and creativity that went into the production of a show that raps an important and fascinating piece of American history. I would like to argue that there is a unique exchange involved in live theater, in comparison to movies and TV. In this performance, the original Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, was replaced by Joseph Morales. I was impressed by Morales’s performance and embodiment of Hamilton as a character. 

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This was my first time going to the Saenger Theater so I couldn’t help taking note of the beautiful architecture. The Saenger Theater was built by Julian Saenger and designed by Emile Weil in 1927. The two-level theater is decorated beautifully and adorned with breathtaking timeless features. The theater looks modern and new after a post-Hurricane Katrina remodel. The Saenger Theater will be hosting an exciting upcoming season including shows such as Dear Evan Hansen, Miss Saigon, Mean Girls, Anastasia, and Wicked. If you’re interested in seeing any of these shows at this amazing venue, a waitlist for season tickets for this 2019-2020 season has been posted on the theater’s website. I personally find tickets to an event such as a play can be something fun and relaxing to look forward to.

The Saenger is in a busy part of New Orleans near the French Quarter, right on Canal Street. The area around the theater is vibrant and filled with many shops. It is one of my constant goals to break out of the “Tulane bubble,” and this checked that box. For those who appreciate the rich cultural experience of going to a musical, the Saenger Theater might be somewhere to add to your Crescent City checklist.

COVER PHOTO: Saenger Theater

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