Sophomore, Psychology, and Business undeclared Major.

“My name is Xinyue Pan but you can call me Yolanda. This is my first time in the states as a sophomore because during the pandemic my freshman year I couldn’t come here. I used a study abroad program in Shanghai so I studied there for a year.

The biggest challenge in life is to fit in the college culture. The culture I was within Shanghai normally didn’t have a campus and all the classes were online, which can get boring and exhausting because of the time zones. There were a lot of challenges as a freshman. Coming in as a sophomore I’ve made a lot of new friends, joined a lot of new clubs, and done different things which are challenging in their own way. But by living on campus it’s been getting much better. 

I haven’t felt a huge cultural difference. I would say that people say hello to strangers, which is quite different.”

We laughed as we realized that this was essentiality how I began the very interview.

“Yes, exactly! We don’t normally greet strangers, you only speak to people you know, or maybe it’s an elderly professor, it’s a new concept for me to say hello to strangers.

The first day I came to Tulane, the OISS helped arrange people that helped guide me to the dorms. People were really friendly and I can see how people were excited to see one another. I also did a campus tour with my friends, so it was super exciting to be there my first day. 

The night before I left for Tulane honestly wasn’t that exciting. I got super tired when I arrived because of the jet lag but nothing crazy. Once I came here, I was then really excited. 

I am super engulfed in Chinese culture, I’m into Chinese painting and I’m confident in my culture. I think there is always more thinking and intelligence and thoughts that go on in our heads that none of us would know unless we had a deeper conversation. If I had to say one thing about myself for everyone to know, I can’t even say one thing, I like meeting people in-depth rather than saying there is one sparkling part of me.”

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