There’s no doubt that going to the gym is hard. Especially when your days include hours of classes, running around to office hours and meetings, trying to fit in decent meals, and attempting to catch any amount of sleep possible. By the time you can fit in a workout, you may be at a loss for what to do. Rows of ellipticals and treadmills suddenly look like an uninviting and tedious chore.

The solution? Workout classes.

At $15 or more per class, going to studios around New Orleans might seem like more of a bank breaker than a solution. Thankfully, Class Pass makes it easier!

To start, you get $30 off your first month when you sign up using a friend’s code (like this one: Unfortunately, Class Pass recently increased their rates, but here is a breakdown of the most recent rates in New Orleans.


With $30 off of your first month, that means your first month of classes is only $5. Keep referring friends, and you’ve got yourself even more time for little to no cost. However, as summer approaches, you should keep in mind that each city has their own rates. Visit to check rates in your city.

Now onto the classes.

I’ve tried everything from spin to boxing to barre. In no particular order, here are my reviews:

Romney Studios


Romney is my personal favorite when it comes to New Orleans workout studios. With five different types of classes located within walking distance just outside the park, Romney never seems to disappoint. Each of its five classes are available to try on Class Pass. Boxing with Santiago is a personal favorite, as well as RIDE with Maddy. Take caution when booking Megaformer – it is a class unlike any other, and you will not be able to walk for days. Also be weary when booking Bosu Cardio—the entire class is on a bosu ball, so if your balance is at all questionable, it might not be the class for you. Overall, all of the classes are taught in beautiful spaces with good music and an uplifting environment.



Barre3 is a beautiful gym located just a few blocks past Whole Foods on Magazine. If you are up for it, it’s a nice two-mile walk away. The class blends yoga and barre, and even some cardio. It challenged me a lot; if you are like me with no ballet or dance background, many of the moves will seem unfamiliar and leave you shaking. This class is much less intense than some of the other options on Class Pass, but will leave you sore and soothed nonetheless. I highly recommend a class with Katie Cashin!

Hour Blast


I cannot say enough good things about Hour Blast. If you are looking to push yourself beyond what you thought possible, then please, sign up for a class here. In 60 minutes you will switch on and off between treadmills and the floor, using every muscle in your body. As someone who hates treadmills, I went into this workout weary. However, you are constantly changing incline and speed, and the time seems to fly by. The studio is just a half a mile from campus on Maple Street and could not be more convenient for a 60-minute sweat. If you get the chance, try a class with Meg.



CycleBar offers some of the best spin classes in New Orleans. Everything about the experience makes working out incredibly enjoyable. From the studio’s energy, to the lively music videos, to the instructors’ upbeat motivation, CycleBar will not disappoint. If you can get a class with Fabiola, especially her Sunday Funday ride, I highly recommend taking it.

Body B Fit


Body B Fit is an awesome studio located in the CBD. It is a bit farther than the other studios I’ve mentioned, so you may want to plan to attend a class with friends and carpool. Body B Fit offers all of its classes on Class Pass, which include Versa Climber, Megaformer, and Boxing. Each of its classes are 30 minutes, shorter than the traditional workout class. However, they do offer a Boxing Plus 45 minute class, which is a personal favorite. They provide you wraps and gloves free of charge and the workout is a killer blend of both boxing and floor exercises.

So, if you are feeling sluggish or in a rut with your gym workouts, it might be time to try some of these classes. Self-motivating and navigating yourself through the gym is not easy, and Class Pass can be a cost-effective and enjoyable alternative. Going to a workout class is often a much-needed mental break, and an excuse to get off campus. Not to mention, your first month is only $5.

Sign up for Class Pass today:



About Julia Liquori

Julia Liquori is an English and Marketing major who wishes she could live at the beach all year long. She is a self-claimed extrovert who loves being around people, whether it’s at The Boot or in a workout class.

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Julia Liquori is an English and Marketing major who wishes she could live at the beach all year long. She is a self-claimed extrovert who loves being around people, whether it’s at The Boot or in a workout class.