Glossier has gained extreme popularity in the last few years, with its famous “no makeup, makeup” products. It certainly helps that the company is led by inspiring young female CEO Emily Weiss. Now, the company has even extended its offering to “dialed-up beauty extras” with Glossier Play. The bottom line? Glossier has a lot to offer. And while it’s not very expensive (most products range from $14-$30), with all of its offerings, you’ll want to be sure you’re spending your money on what’s worth it. 

Worth It

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1. Lash Slick Mascara 

The world of mascara is fairly big. Many people swear by their drug store favorites that are cheap and reliable, and cult favorites like Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and Wander Mile High Club Mascara have reigned supreme. However, at $16, Glossier Lash Slick provides the most natural, voluminous, and lengthy look that I’ve come by. It’s waterproof in cold water but comes off seamlessly in hot water.

2. Lid Star

Lid Star is truly one of a kind—it looks like lip gloss, but goes on your eyelids. It dries instantly and looks effortless. It comes in six shades, my personal favorite being Cub. And if you love more than one shade (which you probably will), check out the two for $30 bundle and save $3 on each. 

3. Haloscope

Haloscope is Glossier’s highlighter stick and comes in three shades, with Quartz being the most popular. Unlike most highlighters, which look unnatural and overly sparkly, Glossier makes your skin dewy and glowy from within, with ingredients like crystals, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. 

4. Milky Jelly Cleanser

I stand by a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser for any skin type, and Milky Jelly is just that. It doubles as a super-effective makeup remover and cleanser, with five skin conditioners that don’t leave your face feeling stripped, dry, or tight after washing. It’s ideal for morning and night.


Not Worth It

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1. Soothing Face Mist

I love a good rose-water facial mist; it’s an easy way to keep your hydrated, dewy glow all day long. However, Glossier’s Soothing Face Mist touts some ingredients that simply shouldn’t be there (what is Disodium EDTA???). For better, more natural options, check out Trader Joe’s Rose Water and Witch Hazel mist, or Thayer’s Rose Water Toner.

2. Priming Moisturizer Rich

For $35, this facial moisturizer leaves something to be desired. It’s nourishing and definitely gives you a similar dewy glow to the regular $22 Priming Moisturizer, but given its higher price point, I’d argue that there are better options.

3. Zit Stick

Zit Stick has fallen flat among loyal Glossier followers who will try any product that the company creates. Although it claims to stop zits in their tracks, it’s unfortunately super drying and not super effective. Mario Badescu’s classic Drying Lotion is a far more effective option for the price point.

4. Super Glow, Super Bure, Super Bounce Serums

Don’t get me wrong: serums are awesome. Vitamin C, niacinamides, and hyaluronic acid are amazing parts of any skincare routine. However, at $28 a bottle, these serums aren’t very effective and can feel greasy on the skin. The Ordinary makes similar products that are just as effective for less.


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