It is the season of giving, which in other words, means gifting. We all want to please those we are shopping for, whether they are a parent, friend, or a significant other. Secret Santa’s and gift exchanges are some of the hallmarks of the season, and whether you are spending $10 or $100, the trite saying, “it’s the thought that counts” really does hold up. Picking the perfect gift involves some careful consideration. To begin, try asking yourself the following questions about your gift recipient:

Who am I shopping for?,  What do they like?, Is there anything they need?, Where do they live?, What are their favorite things?, Do they have any hobbies?, What do they like to do for fun?, Do they prefer things or experiences? Do they like to laugh?

Now that you’ve considered some of these questions, maybe you’ve thought of the perfect gift and are already checking out on Amazon. If not, I’ve compiled a few gift ideas with my personal favorites linked for the various recipients in your life:

For your Secret Santa:

For the makeup obsessed:

For the experience lovers:

For the kitchen gurus:

For the creative types:

For the ones that love a good joke:

For the jewelry wearers:

For the ones who need to relax:

For the fitness fanatics:

For the ones who love to take aux:

Still looking for more? This is merely scratching the surface at the gift ideas available to you this holiday season. Websites like Urban Outfitters, Sephora, Anthropologie, J.Crew, Amazon, Nike, Lululemon and more have all put out their own useful guides. After all, it is the season of gifting.

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Julia Liquori is an English and Marketing major who wishes she could live at the beach all year long. She is a self-claimed extrovert who loves being around people, whether it’s at The Boot or in a workout class.