I have some good news and some bad news. The good news: technology is growing. We have the privilege of waking up and being able to access so much knowledge just by touching a screen. There is an unimaginable amount of information at our disposal at any given moment. The bad news: often, these resources aren’t used for the greater good. So much of our lives is spent on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, and the list goes on.

According to a study done by Time, the most damaging of these is Instagram. The allure of Instagram is almost non-negotiable. Self-expression is limitless. However, self-comparison is highly addictive. That being said, it’s extremely difficult to acknowledge unhealthy habits. It’s even more difficult to shake those unhealthy habits when you scroll through your Instagram feed to see dozens of posts directly or indirectly promoting diet culture. Whether it be a detox kit, workout videos, or a post filled with flawless runway models, there’s a lot of room for self-destruction. Thankfully, there are women on the opposite side of the spectrum contributing to the necessary self-love movement. While there are so many people that could be mentioned and you should research, you can start with these four phenomenal women who are breaking body positivity boundaries.

1. Lizzo

For those of you that haven’t heard of Lizzo, it’s time to add some new songs to your queue. Whether listening to her most recent EP “Coconut Oil,” or blasting her single “Truth Hurts,” Lizzo’s unmatchable musical spirit is bound to make you feel empowered. It’s a challenge to not start dancing. Along with her luminous voice, Lizzo strategically organizes her lyrics and music videos to adhere to people’s insecurities. One of my personal favorite Lizzo lyrics is from “Scuse Me,” when she says “I don’t need a crown to know that I’m a queen.” Her fierceness and brutal honesty is utterly refreshing. Within this year, Lizzo plans to release her third album, “Cuz I Love You,” and I am beyond excited to see what she brings to the table.

The Curvy Fashionista

Pictured here is Lizzo (with her proper crown) along with the beauties Gabi Fresh, Roxy Reyes and Natalie Alvarado.

2. Megan Jayne Crabbe

As a body positivity enthusiast, feminist, and best-selling author, Crabbe has definitely left her positive mark on the world. With over 1 million followers on her “bodyposipanda” Instagram account, Crabbe is tackling body shaming one post at a time. Her unapologetic self-love is inspiring to many, along with the motivational quotes and tweets she shares. Her newest endeavor is her “Never Say Diet Club” tour, where she incorporates singing, dancing, and a whole lot of sass as she aims to destroy diet culture.


3. Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence provides a candid and unique outlook on body positivity. Having been a model for over a decade, Lawrence has a lot of personal experience to reflect on. In the beginning of her career, she describes how many agencies would photoshop her body and face to the point where she was unrecognizable. This unhealthy culture translated into her personal life, in the form of body dysmorphia and disordered eating. Since retouching seemed like the only way she would be considered beautiful, Lawrence found it increasingly difficult to feel comfortable in her own skin. The pivotal moment? When an agency told her that instead of losing weight, she should be two sizes bigger. That’s when everything shifted and her life became a quest to change the fashion industry.

Today, Lawrence is a global role model for Aerie. She emphasizes the importance of coming as you are. Another huge component of her fight against beauty standards is emphasizing that exercise can and should be empowering. In other words, it’s important to work out in ways that make you feel strong and healthy, as opposed to just doing it to be thin. Lawrence also has many self-care regimens that she has shared on various platforms, including a TEDxUniversity of Nevada talk titled “Ending the Pursuit of Perfection.”

Pop Sugar

4. Simone Mariposa

Simone Mariposa is the blogging queen. Her website is divided up into subcategories of fashion, lifestyle & self-help, travel, and beauty. She uses her platform to assure other plus-sized women that they are not alone. Mariposa has a handful of fantastic articles that shed light on topics that are often neglected; titles include “Being the Fat Friend,” “Debunking Fat Stereotypes,” and “My Relationship with the Word Fat.” If you scroll through the comments, especially under those articles, you can see the outburst of positive feedback from fans that feel as though they have finally been heard.


These women are absolute BADASSES. They epitomize everything it means to be strong and vivacious. What I hope you get from this article is that it is not only okay to embrace every inch of your body, but it’s necessary in order to live a life in peace. We have the power to dominate our own space. We have the power to unlearn impossible beauty standards. We have the power to unapologetically speak love into our bodies. We have the power to take all of these steps, and do so fearlessly because beauty is immeasurable.

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