Whether it’s watching the streetcar pass on Saint Charles, coming across a kind message on the sidewalk, or looking up at the mesmerizing trees that tower over the Audubon Park path, I’m constantly filled to the brim with gratitude in Uptown, New Orleans. An indisputable gem of this part of this city is Maple Street.  

So what can you find on Maple? We’re talking restaurants, taverns, spas, nail salons, pilates studios, real estate agencies, and flower shops, just to name a few. Of course these industries vary, but something that all of these places have in common is charm.

In first place for architectural creativity is Waffles on Maple Cafe. If you stumble upon this place, the exterior—shaped like a waffle—isn’t the only thing that’s going to catch your eye. This restaurant has a diverse selection of Kosher, vegan, and gluten-free options. The hardest part about your experience is going to be deciding between the 25 different kinds of waffles they have to offer, both savory and sweet. But the options don’t stop there. They also have a great selection of breakfast and lunch as well, such as the crowd favorite margarita pizza. 

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The restaurant right next door is bound to catch your eye as well. Chais Delachaise Wine Bistro is one of Maple’s hot spots. With stellar snacks and dishes, alongside an extensive international wine list, there’s no doubt that Chais Delachaise would bring in a lot of success. If the bright colors aren’t alluring enough, once the sun goes down, the hanging lights on the patio transform the restaurant with a magical ambiance. 

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If you want a quick and healthy option, Satsuma is another treasure on Maple. With breakfast sandwiches as creative as the pesto green eggs and ham, and lunch dishes like the curried chicken salad wrap, it’s hard to go wrong. Along with food, Satsuma offers a wide variety of beverages including stellar house-made coffee, cold-pressed juices, kombucha, and immunity shots. This restaurant consistently wows its customers with its welcoming environment and wholesome ingredients. If you go there on a Saturday, don’t be too surprised if the line is out the door.

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Another auroral place down the road is the Ambrose Garden. Embodying the effortless beauty of Uptown, the owner Gene Luke has been creating these phenomenal floral arrangements for over 30 years. He has put together bouquets for celebrities, presidents, and royalty both in and out of New Orleans; Luke has also put designs together for special events such as weddings or debutante balls. If you want to purchase your own bouquet for a loved one or if you’re walking down Maple Street and want to momentarily escape into a room filled with a bountiful aroma of flowers, then make sure to make a stop by this wonderful florist. 

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Lastly, the Maple Street Patisserie is a necessary pit-stop. When Master Baker and Pastry Chef Ziggy Cichowski and Executive Chef Patricia-Ann Donohue opened their dream bakery, things changed on the street. Awarded Best of the Big Easy by Where Y’At Magazine in 2017, this bakery has triumphed in incorporating a rich European culture and taste to all of their handcrafted items. If it’s Mardi Gras season, you’re in luck—their King Cake is delectable and addictive. Otherwise, the patisserie offers a wide selection of freshly made bread, renditions of breakfast and dessert pastries, and customized sandwiches that are sure to not disappoint. 

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Maple Street Patisserie
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